Telecom channel partners directory

Directory list of channel partners in the telecom sector

A telecom channel partner is a company that partners with another organization (supplier) to market or sell their telecom services, products, or technologies. The channel partner is part of a vendor's indirect sales force.

Examples of channel partnerships include value-added resellers, systems integrators, affiliate partners, business process outsourcers, and managed service providers.

The Telecom Directory is a list of service providers, resellers and distributors. The listings are categorized by the services they offer to channel partners.

Channel partner directory:

We have organized our listings into four main categories.

Are You a Vendor or Supplier Looking to Engage with Channel Partners?

Here are a few ways channel partnerships can help you:

The two types of telecom distribution channel sales:

Two-tier channel selling

The vendor sells to a distributor, which sells to a channel partner. For example, Cisco sells to ScanSource, who sells to immixGroup, who sells to a local business.

Telecom channel partner, two-tier distribution

One-tier channel selling

The vendor sells directly to a channel partner. For example, Microsoft sells to Cognizant who sells to a local business.

Telecom channel partner, one-tier distribution

Channel partners distribute and sell telecom products and services. Channel partners are independent organizations or individuals collaborating with telecom companies to market, sell, and support their products and services to end customers.

Here are some key activities that channel partners perform in the telecom industry:

Overall, channel partners serve as an extension of a telecom company's sales and support capabilities. They bring expertise, market knowledge, and a localized presence to enhance the company's market reach and improve customer engagement. Channel partnerships are mutually beneficial, as telecom companies leverage the partner's resources and capabilities while the partners gain access to a broader range of products and support from the telecom company.