Telecom suppliers directory

Directory list of suppliers in the telecom channel

A telecom supplier (provisor) is a business that provides a product or service to another entity. The role of a supplier is to provide high-quality telecommunications products to a channel partner, distributor, retailer or end customer.

The Telecom Directory is a list of companies that provide telecom related hardware, hosting, software or communications services.

Telecom suppliers directory:

We have organized our supplier listings into five main categories.

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The two types of sales distribution channels in telecom

One-tier sales channel

The supplier sells directly to a channel partner. For example, Microsoft sells to Cognizant who sells to a local business.

Telecom channel partner, one-tier distribution

Two-tier sales channel

The supplier sells to a distributor, which sells to a channel partner. For example, Cisco sells to ScanSource, who sells to immixGroup, who sells to a local business.

Telecom channel partner, two-tier distribution

Suppliers provide various products, equipment, and services essential for telecom networks' operation and infrastructure. Suppliers are often specialized companies focusing on manufacturing or providing specific components, technologies, or services that service providers require.

Here are some common functions and responsibilities of suppliers in telecom:

Suppliers are integral to the telecom ecosystem, providing the necessary equipment, technologies, services, and expertise to build, maintain, and upgrade telecom networks. Their contributions enable telecoms to offer their customers reliable, efficient, and innovative communication services.