Establish a Telecom Sales Channel

Building a Telecom Sales Channel

The fundamental goal behind every channel sales strategy should be to sell the right product to the right customer at the right time. The selection of all channel partners must be in alignment. Spend time connecting with partners that best fit your needs.

Build your sales channel ecosystem

A telecom sales channel ecosystem is a network of channels and partners a company uses to reach and sell customers.

A sales channel ecosystem aims to provide a seamless experience for customers and maximize sales by reaching customers through multiple channels. For example, a customer might discover a product through an online search, learn more about it through social media, and then purchase through a local distributor.

In today's telecom environment, a salesperson is not the only contributor to a sale. Service-based revenue models require roles like sales engineers or customer experience managers to focus on requirements gathering, client satisfaction, renewals, and upselling.

Channel programs must cater to a wider audience and emphasize satisfaction, retention, and growth (instead of just sales-related incentives). And companies must adapt their commissioning strategies to support this new sales cycle.

Directory for Telecom Channel Partners

Our listings of telecom channel partners can help you connect and build a winning team!

A good channel marketing strategy for new vendors is essential to business success. Facing the challenges of penetrating new markets, building effective partnerships, and scaling marketing strategies can seem overwhelming.

Here are some tips to help you navigate these challenges: 

Select Strategic Channel Partners
Companies often consider building an indirect resale channel when adding direct sales resources is impractical. In this scenario, you distribute your products via a channel partner. These partners will market and sell your product for you.

Partnering with the right companies is an essential success factor for your telecom resale channel model. Companies should consider the prospective role and value proposition of each channel partner.

Find the Right Channel Partner
How do you find channel partners that align with your goals and complement your offerings? First, search our list! Second, consider attending one of the many tradeshows dedicated to promoting the telecom industry.

Optimize Your Partner Hierarchy
Today's telecom companies are engaged in partnerships with multiple suppliers and agents. Each partner you connect with should be fully capable of fulfilling requests for products and services. Be sure to clarify the vision for both your channels and your customer's journey. 

Communicate With Your Channel
You must maintain ongoing communication with your sales channel to ensure all parties' success. Consider establishing an agent portal to facilitate partner management and the sharing of information. Take a proactive approach to monitoring and supporting your partners.